Are pregnant mothers at risk for HIV?

  During pregnancy or during breast feeding or at the time of childbirth a HIV positive mother can transmit to the baby. At time of labor and delivery the baby may get exposed to the virus and get infected by the mother’s blood and other fluids.  If a woman, is pregnant and tested positive for HIV can get cured by using combination medicines and treatment to stop the spread of virus to baby and can protect the health. At the time of pregnancy woman has to undergo different kinds of tests to get a healthy baby. Healthcare practitioner advices woman to get tested for all the viruses to get safe and healthy. Drugs used to treat HIV infection could cause some effects. Common drawbacks are nausea,  diarrheic , headaches, and muscle aches. Less common drawbacks are anemia , a liver injury, and bone issues. Whereas uncommon, medicines are also used to treat HIV could has an effect on the event of the fetus. Woman can protect their babies by taking some advices from healthcare practition

How does chest pain results into hair loss in women?

  Coronary Artery  Disease patients are known to get earlier baldness. In women baldness is seen when there is no proper iron intake in food and hereditary.  Chest pain  results into hypertension which makes women to think excess and increases the risk in the blood pressure. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that is observed in women when they do not have enough iron in their body. Iron deficiency  anemia can cause  symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and chest pain and some people also experience hair loss. In Human generally 50 and 100 single hairs per day will be shedding. Proper intake of  vitamins  recommended by the physician.  Minoxidi  is the best treatment for control of hair loss in women overtime. Having healthy and proper diet and Exercise for good health and Hair care has to be taken.   Reaching and maintaining a healthy and proper weight.